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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

In a message dated 3/13/2004 6:30:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Pete's unneeded crutch shines 
again. <sigh> Poor, weak man.

Pete's strength is huge.  He knows the secret.  You can even feel it in the 
buoyancy of the music itself.  It is just so positive.

These two songs take two terribly negative circumstances and dump them on 
their head.  RGLB ends victoriously.  It is a crucial thing to see.   

It hit me hard today while listening to it in the car.  I literally cried.  
Pete was glad to see himself in the mirror.  He was a little boy and he was 
simple enough to see what was there.  He was so excited about his life because of 
who he was. He liked his face. He was excited to tell his mom about his 
dreams. But she responded by telling him a lie.  She told him that he was an ugly 
boy.  Why would a mother do such a terrible thing? Maybe she had a mother that 
never showed her love. She was "telling it like it is" because she was that 
shallow. She couldn't see any deep things. It was apparently obvious to her that 
he was a homely kid.  Proof right in front of her.  She may have also had 
some kind of twisted anger about something motivating her to be so vicious as 
well that caused her blindness. She covered him with a cold wet blanket.  He 
believed her lie because it made him turn to a life that he had to "survive."  He 
compared himself to an outwardly beautiful person and felt inadequate inside 
as a result. Why do we listen to this kind of talk from such blind people!  

Then there was a long bridge.  

By falling down and failing and losing, he found out somehow that Someone 
else loved him.  This time Pete came out and actually said it.  Through Roger in 
the Who.  The opinion of God erased the opinion of himself that his mother 
gave to him. He got something above outward proof. He received inward reality.  
This is grace.  Grace is nothing less than God Himself being poured into us to 
be our enjoyment.  Everyone everywhere is seeking after this. There is not one 
exception. Admitting it is another matter.

Pete admitted it.  He received the experience of sweet sweet sweet love.  And 
now he feels like a real good looking boy.  God always makes us feel that 
way.  I don't believe those lies anymore either.

Jon in Mi.