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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

> I'm up Lela!

Fine. Just don't hurt her.

> I twiddled with the knobs this morning.....


OK, enough with the off-color jokes.

Eh? Jokes? Where? ;)

I've heard the new songs several times now.  I - Mr. No Download -
downloaded them.

I think this broke the ice for a lot of people. Requests for technical advice were flying on the lists yesterday and today.

Neither song blew me away.  They're OK.  The melodies are catchy.
Both are pretty slow.  Sort of in a WBN vein.  RGLB especially.  It
has a "How Many Friends" feel to it.

ORW has an up-tempo, rockin' coda, as Jon pointed out.  I like that
part a lot.

Seems it would be helpful if they would do at least one rocking, up-tempo new song that's like this all the way through--just to please the traditional Who fan.

Daltrey does a decent job. Voice sounds a little strained at times.
Mature. Weathered. Some nice phrasing. Very passionate.

Have you heard his solo albums? This sounds something like DALTREY and more like ONE OF THE BOYS.

The bass is nonexistent. I can't even hear bass notes. And this is through
my big MTX 800-watt stereo speakers. Fucking OX - dying like that.

I couldn't either until I adjusted the treble vs. bass (Is that better than knobs?). I've got a good subwoofer on my computer system, and I turned it up a couple of notches before I got a Whoish sound. As I said, though, that tended to drown Pete out. The songs are structured for Pete to play fairly clearly with no competition from the bass.

I think RGLB is the better of the two songs.  I could even see it getting
some radio play.  It's catchy in a slow, melancholy way.

Obviously, I'm not too pleased with all the God-talk towards the end of
RGLB.  It's like a George W. speech.  Pete's unneeded crutch shines
again. <sigh> Poor, weak man.

Don't worry about it. He's likely got strange ideas about God. Finding him in the ocean and all that.

Like I said, RGLB is catchy.  Sounds like FM radio fare to me.  I
could easily see that one making some sort of dent.

Wasn't there some discussion around about The Darkness just recently? Isn't this the kind of stuff they play? (As they try to make the year's worst dressed list...) If Roger and Pete are right on, we may hear this on mainstream radio. We'll see.

I don't personally like this as much as the dramatic stuff, but if it gets on the radio, more power to it.


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