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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

> God always makes us feel that way. 

I'm happy for you Jon.  (Seriously!)  You must be on cloud nine
because of Pete's openness & expression of faith.  Maybe there
will be a song on the new album about the validity of the Big Bang 
that will get *my* juices flowing in the same manner!  ;-)

Well, I listened to the songs a bunch more last night.  I played 
them for two friends, also.  One friend was kind of luke-warm on
them.  Kinda like a, "Well, they're not bad.  Not great, but not

The other friend actually liked RGLB.  Said it sounded like The 
Who to him.  Said Daltrey sounded great.  Liked the lyrics, too.

I actually burned the songs to CD so I could listen to them on 
various systems.  My fancy, recently-purchased flat-screen monitor
with built-in speakers has a converter which transfers the computer 
audio to left/right output jacks.

After a quick trip to radio shack for some needed cables, I simply
piped the computer audio into my main stereo system & burned
the songs onto CD with my stand-alone CD burner.  They came
out really good.  Of course I'll still buy THEN & NOW when
it is released.

I got pretty loaded last night (a "two-shots-of-Jager" night!).  
When I listened to ORW in my drunken state I felt "real Who"
during the pumped-up coda part.

All of a sudden, thoughts of John & Pete left me & the song be-
came centered on Daltrey.  Somehow, that Who energy that Dalt-
rey keeps inside him flowed into me once again.

But not because of some 30-year-old performance, I realized.  
This time it was *new Who* that gave me those exciting feelings.
It's all still there.  It never left.  And it's been tapped once more.

Then, Daltrey's pleads transformed themselves yet again & made
me think of my own life, my own passions,.......me.  Once again,
I've been touched by this band.  Once again, they have created
something which so easily becomes the soundtrack to *my* life.

It hit me hard.  Maybe it was the Jager.  Maybe it was the dark,
mysteriousness of the evening I was moving through - with Jupiter,
Saturn, & hugely bright Venus traversing the clear night sky.

And I'll be goddamned damned if I didn't get a little choked up.
Daltrey's voice became mine once again.  My fists clenched &
I felt the power.  Sweet holy fuck, I felt that that wonderful power
& I wanted to throw my fist in the air & scream!

I now want more.  I want another hit.  I want to feel those vibrant
feelings that only Pete & Roger can now give me.  *They* are my
saviors.  Through *them* I am whole.  No one touches me like
they do.

I eagerly await more.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism