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A rush to judgement......

>I don't think that the general public will buy it.

Damn, you two have had new Who music for less than a day, and already it's not
up to snuff.
I don't think it's fair to compare these to today's "music".
But, I do think they stand on their own.
I think RGLB could see considerable air time, and would be greatly
I do agree the bass is low and just there.  No John, for sure.

ORW won't make the air.  It's slow.  But, so what.
The jam at the end does rip though!

I, for one, am not disappointed at all.
Not a bit.

Can you believe it??

I could care less if these are successful.
I feel like I just jumped in the ocean.
Clean, refreshed.
Kevin in VT