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>Subject: Re: The new tunes.
>From: Keithjmoon70
>I took the songs and listed to them with my sons.  It really is a different
>thing when listening to them around new ears.  They agreed that they are

Allow me to dork out for a moment....
I've still got some chills a workin'.
My little one is in here dancing all around.
I've got the computer cranked.
My wife is out in the living room folding some laundry, and moving to the
My house is lit up by new Who.
I've got this feeling of.....of......finally crossing the finish line.
It's quite powerful and emotional.

"That's a real good looking boy....."

I scratched my head at first with the opening verse.
Falling in love again?
It works!

I'm digging this song, people.
I can hear it on the radio.
It can stand alone.
My only fear is the repeating of the title.  It's going to attract jokes.

My boy is still dancing.  Hoping around.  Waving his arm.  Mom looks in and
knows I'm in my element.
This is a beautiful song.

Now for the more somber and reflective Old Red Wine.
This is touching, and a grand tribute to John.
Still, as with any song to do with John, it has it's balls.

"Old Red Wine, well past it's prime,
Gonna have to drink it with you some other time..."

Sounds very similar to jams at the end of MG on Tour 2000.

Let it breath!

Oh my, Zak!

Bottom line,
I like.
I like it alot.
Pete can feel very proud.

Very psyched to hear what's next!
I want more!

Kevin in VT