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Re: A rush to judgement......

In a message dated 3/13/2004 8:18:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I, for one, am not disappointed at all.
Not a bit.

Can you believe it??

Ha ha. It seems like we have switched roles, Kev.

  No, but after my initial gushing I took a step back after sleeping on it. I 
see it this way:

I *LOVE* these songs.  I wouldn't want them any other way.  I feel exactly 
like you do Kevin. I am ecstatic!  I think that most fans that know the band 
intimately and know Pete and Roger from a fan perspective feel this way.  We get 
it. We have experience with this band and we have a sort of uncommon taste.  
We're too restless to be satisfied with 95.5 bullshit.  These songs are 
precious and they will stand the test of time. -Like Who songs do.

 Scott has trained me (and he doesn't think he has.) to be more realistic and 
not just join the bandwagon for the sake of joining.  I'm being serious.  I 
stepped back from my emotion to look at how these songs "may" play in public 
for real.  They won't make it to the current rock station. Not heavy enough. 
They'll be on the classic rock format where the baby boomers go.  They won't make 
it to the top 40 hit stations because they are too mellow and deep and you 
can't dance to them.  The people that listen to these stations buy the records.  
I think.

Ok, so like Lela said, they MUST get at least one Rocker with hooks on this 
album to catch people's attention and to get them to buy the record.  When they 
buy the record one thing will happen: They will listen to it long enough to 
hear the rest of the songs and they will learn to appreciate them. They are 
great songs!  The crust of the norm just has to be broken through.  People aren't 
shallow because they don't have the capacity to appreciate good stuff, they 
are shallow because they have been conditioned to be that way.  So we are gonna 
change society here. Lela get on it.  I'll be right behind you. (Kevin and 
Scott, you dogs, don't snip that!)

Pete's songs grow on you.  They certainly did on me and that's what has kept 
me as a fan for so long.  When these songs are appreciated by new people, 
these new people will want to know what else the Who has put out.  "Hmm ... what 
is Tommy about?  Quadrophenia? What is that?" and so on.  This band is deep!  
They are not only deep in song content but in their entire catalogue.  

Who music is classic music that is timeless. Under this category these two 
songs certainly fit the bill.  People just have to learn to know that it is 
there and what it is...

So Pete will be encouraged and want to make more!

Jon in Mi.