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Re: 1989 tommy video and then some

> Got to wonder if his 'ho-hum' attitude in the video
> was on purpose.


He knew he was being filmed...

> Mammories?

"Thanks...for the mammories..."

> Pete's last diary entry specifically listed Roger
> and Pete's backing band, "WHO2", as including Pino.

See, if they go out as "Who2" that would fall into
what I consider acceptable (as in: if Ringo and Paul
went out as The Beatles" it would be unacceptable.)

> Boston??

Could be...I've always wanted to visit Boston.

> Rabbit and also Eddie Vedder .... from one of your
> favorite bands...you know...Pearl Jam (?)

Is Vedder in Pearl Jam?

> >recently. According to Greg, the track came out
> great, and is "classic 
> >Who-styled rock'n'roll in every sense of the
> word..."

Yeah, but...have you heard any of the "new" ELP? Black
Moon, Hot Seat, and so on? It's not even close to
their glory days. It's more like Works, redone. If
Lake allowed that stuff to be put out, then I have to
question his judgement.

> Can you believe it!??

Yep. Things look like they could do a big turnaround
this year, and this could be a part of it. Who knows?
Sometimes a whole lot of good things happen after a
bad period.

"In my judgment, when the United States says there
will be serious consequences, and if there isn't
serious consequences, it creates adverse
     George "I learned a new word!" Bush

Cheers         ML

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