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Re: I heard the two new songs and they are glorious!

On 3/12/04 10:07 PM, "Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx" <Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> They are on itunes.com
> Deep words.  Lovely words.  Pete's words.  Pete's guitar. Those banjo strums,
> Zak is awesome. Many keith styled fills. Roger is even Better.
> I'm not going to tell you anymore. Go get 'em.
> And Blast them!
> Jon in Mi.
Best dollar I ever spent, I had one of those free downloads from a Pepsi
bottle cap, so I got one for free. If you don't feel like paying for them
then you can go buy a six pack Pepsi (1 out of 3 bottle's is a winner). I
recommend them to every one. Good to finally hear some new Who.