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Re: 1989 tommy video and then some

> ??
> Probly a lot like Join Together.  Not that I pull
> that one off the shelf very often.
> In retrospect, I know you meant a studio album, but
> it took a minute to figure out.


I didn't even think about JT. Maybe I was blocking it
out. I don't listen to it much either, but still more
than Who's Last. Hell, the bootleg of Radio City Music
Hall is better than JT. At least they did A Friend Is
A Friend.

> Wrong, ML.  Pete played electric guitar, lead
> guitar, call it what you 
> will, on MG in '89.


I pulled out the old bootleg tape of the show, and
there is what sounds a lot like an acoustic AND and
electric guitar playing there. But I was wrong about
the song order: it's not the second but the third song
on the second set. Magic Bus and Baba proceeded it.
Also that Cleveland was four shows BEFORE Raliegh, so
the idea that he played more electric later in the
tour falls apart.

> Coming up north for a visit?

Could be. My daugher graduates college in a few
months. How far is Ohio from the Smoky Mountains?


Cheers         ML

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