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RE: I heard the two new songs and they are glorious!

I've got 'em, too. Very interesting...I imagine I hear Roger's influence here, or is it Nora Jones? Someone on PT.com says they sound 80ish, but is Pete writing in a style similar to Rachel Fuller's current music? I bet if Pete sang these, we'd hear a jazz influence. Lovely guitar work from Pete.

I really like "Good Looking Boy" (very wry), but I'm going to have to listen to "Old Red Wine" a bit more. I can't understand the lyrics very well.

These are really good listening songs, but if these are part of a concept album, I hope at least one song on it develops a lot of drama like Who Are You, Baba, Won't Get Fooled Again, etc. Those are the big sellers as far as movie soundtracks seem to go.


They are on itunes.com

Deep words. Lovely words. Pete's words. Pete's guitar. Those banjo strums,
Zak is awesome. Many keith styled fills. Roger is even Better.

I'm not going to tell you anymore. Go get 'em.

And Blast them!

Jon in Mi.

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