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Re: The new tunes. Afterglow.

In a message dated 3/13/2004 1:37:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Wonderful, eh?  This is what Pete has been doing on his best solo work, and 
I'm glad he's done it now under The Who's trademark.  I'm expecting it will 
get more attention and wider circulation.  :)

I hope.  But these just don't seem like radio hit material. They're not up 
tempo. However, they both give you a wonderful feeling of hope.  I like what 
RGLB is about. This is "Pete's" song. The subject matter probably will be lost on 
the general public though, sad to say. It's a long song and drags just a bit 
at times.  The bass is low as well.

Old Red Wine is the one that has the best chance of success because of the 
sound.  Just incredibly spine chilling.  It's the tip of the hat to John. Classy 
indeed.  Lela, you're right about the haunting sound that it has.  One thing 
that is noticeable is that The Who2 has a keyboard player integral to their 
sound. Rabbit blends in perfectly.

When Pete launches into the riff like he did live in the MG jam it isn't as 
good as he generally did on the road.  There is a hesitation and a piano key 
swoop (?) that sounds a bit awkward.  The bass is louder on this song than on 
RGLB.  Did they have Greg Lake on that one?  It sounds like Pino on this one.  
He's not John but man is he good.  And Zak is a monster. He is a sweet sounding 
clock at times and he does thunderous rolls at others. Turn this up on a 
system and you'll be forced to agree.

I guess it depends on why you like the Who if you'll like these songs.  If 
you want loud in your face attack chords, they're not in these songs except for 
a little bit.  If you want what Pete is expressing at the moment in a 
beautiful tune, then this is it.  They hit a home run with me personally. I'm not a 
little kid anymore and I like to hear music that I can relate to. Hits or not, 
these blow Outkasts two recent megasongs away. 

So, after about 30 listens apiece I can safely say that I wont tire of these 
anytime soon.  I feel like I am just beginning to get into them.  

Jon in Mi.