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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> Oh my God.  ;-)


> How do you know the guitar during the slide *is* overdubbed?  Like you
> said, Take Two may not have had a slide & therefore Pete played the guitar
> straight through.  Hence, they used Take Two's audio for the slide part.
> No later overdub needed.

You're right.  I don't think it is now.  I just realized that if it isn't,
the audio and video must be from different performaces for those few

> And the reason they didn't include those ending guitar overdubs (the ones
> audible on the soundtrack) in the film is because it's obvious Pete is
> playing chords on the half-notes (da...da...da da-da) & that wouldn't look
> realistic with overdubbed eighth-note chords (da...da da da da da da da da
> da-da).  That's my theory anyway.

That's right.  They could have shown a camera angle that didn't show Pete,
but it's Pete's part of the song, so that would have looked odd, too.

> Admittedly, it's a questionable theory because there are obvious overdubs
> & sound/visual idiosyncrasies throughout the film.  Such as when, Stein
> slapped some Monterey Pop "Substitute" video footage of Entwistle onto the
> "My Generation" Monterey audio bass solo segment.  If he was willing to do
> that, then why not include Pete's WGFA guitar overdubs in the film, as

It's a perfectly fine theory.  I hadn't heard about the Monterey monkey
business, but I can't imagine he'd have done it if the right footage was
available.  Sheperton shouldn't require such shenanigans, since it was
filmed from several angles for the film.

Jim M