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Re: Kids reunion

> > Pete overdubbed some guitar for the soundtrack.  End of story.
> OK, but.....

Oh my God.  ;-)

> If the part as Pete is getting up from the slide is overdubbed, that's 
> on the film *and* the soundtrack.  The apparent overdub at the very end 
> is not on the film.  Why add some overdubs only on the soundtrack and 
> others on both?

How do you know the guitar during the slide *is* overdubbed?  Like you 
said, Take Two may not have had a slide & therefore Pete played the guitar
straight through.  Hence, they used Take Two's audio for the slide part.
No later overdub needed.

And the reason they didn't include those ending guitar overdubs (the ones
audible on the soundtrack) in the film is because it's obvious Pete is
playing chords on the half-notes (da...da...da da-da) & that wouldn't look
realistic with overdubbed eighth-note chords (da...da da da da da da da da
da-da).  That's my theory anyway.  

Admittedly, it's a questionable theory because there are obvious overdubs
& sound/visual idiosyncrasies throughout the film.  Such as when, Stein
slapped some Monterey Pop "Substitute" video footage of Entwistle onto the
"My Generation" Monterey audio bass solo segment.  If he was willing to do
that, then why not include Pete's WGFA guitar overdubs in the film, as well?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism