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Re: Who's amp? - a bit more insght......

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

"I love the gentle, old 60's sound of this amp. It needs a classic guitar to
complete the promise of authentic sound, but any high-power pick up creates
a warm, smooth sound that falls into distortion in a truly progressive
manner so the set up is great for recording where fine adjustments are
necessary. With an old Rickenbacker I got that magic 12-string into the tall
chrome-framed Vox stack sound (like George Harrison on stage with The
Beatles). Amazing, I'd forgotten how great that sound is. To get an
aggressive sound out of this rig is not hard, it just doesn't compare to the
warmer settings. A truly special amp, really good for recording and - I
imagine - for club dates and using at home."   [PT]

Very interesting.  Can any of the guitar players here hazard a guess as to
what album that might sound most like?

Jim M