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Re: Kids reunion

> > How do you know the guitar during the slide *is* overdubbed?  Like you
> > said, Take Two may not have had a slide & therefore Pete played the
> > straight through.  Hence, they used Take Two's audio for the slide part.
> > No later overdub needed.

I pretty sure take 2 is a complete take of the song.

> It's a perfectly fine theory.  I hadn't heard about the Monterey monkey
> business,

I'll keep the other overdubs and edits to myself then or will be on this
thread forever. :)

 but I can't imagine he'd have done it if the right footage was
> available.  Sheperton shouldn't require such shenanigans, since it was
> filmed from several angles for the film.

I would expect more tampering with Shepperton footage as Stein says it one
of the few clips in the movie they had complete control over.