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Re: Kids reunion

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> > One question I still have is the soundtrack.  It sounds like they used
> > the Take 2 ending from the film, but added at least a little guitar.
> > Have you got the scoop on that?
> (jumping in here)....
> That's simple.  Pete overdubbed some guitar for the soundtrack.  End of
> story.

OK, but.....

If the part as Pete is getting up from the slide is overdubbed, that's on
the film *and* the soundtrack.  The apparent overdub at the very end is not
on the film.  Why add some overdubs only on the soundtrack and others on

So, I tend to think that either Pete actually did play that part while lying
on his back, *or* the audio was spliced at the end of Moon's solo and just
as Roger's scream begins, a couple of seconds *before* the video gets
spliced (in the multi-angle version).  So, we're looking at the Take 1 slide
(and scream) with Take 2 audio.  Heck, there might not have even *been* a
slide in Take 2.

I think that's what happened.  That way, in the film, when we join the
action after the inserted slide, that's the point where *both* the audio and
video hook up with Take 2.

Whadda ya think?  Have I bored you to sleep yet?