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Re: Pete's Hands

In a message dated 3/8/2004 9:29:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
SicilianMother@xxxxxxx writes:
It is funny, we celebrate Pete for being that way.  But, I know that 
statement describes me to a T, and yet I beat myself up over it.  I bet Pete 
does too

No need in that.

 Yo. Ahoy, Y'all.  My AOL screen name was stolen by some fool and I got shut 
down.  It's all sorted out now. 


Sorry I didn't respond to your gushing review of our evening with the kids.  
I had more fun than you did.  Steph said "Dad you're right, they're a great 
family. I had so much fun!"  And that's from a 16 year old.  I hope that we 
didn't get too crazy on you with the Jamie Kennedy Experiment recollections.  It's 
our favorite show ya know.

Jon back in Mi.