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Re: Kids reunion

> One question I still have is the soundtrack.  It sounds like they used 
> the Take 2 ending from the film, but added at least a little guitar.  
> Have you got the scoop on that?

(jumping in here)....

That's simple.  Pete overdubbed some guitar for the soundtrack.  End of

> By the way, you mentioned having seen the Take 1 ending on the DVD.  
> Where is that shown?  During the Stein interview?

It's from one of the interviews, yeah.  I think it's Stein's.  He mentions
that the first take of the song ended really anticlimactically & it cuts
to a quick clip showing the end of the first take of WGFA, & Daltrey & Pete
are just kinda standing there milling about.  Very unlike that Take Two
ending where fans jump on stage.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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