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Re: Kids reunion

> The problem I have with that explanation is that the ending of the 
> film version and the multi-angle look and sound so similar, that I 
> can't believe they're two separate takes.

Yeah, like Bruce said, don't get confused here; the *multi-angle footage*
at the end of the song is from the same performance-ending footage that 
the film uses.

The only difference being that film uses the re-shot, slow-mo Pete-slide
whereas the multi-angles each show Pete's actual *live* jump & slide.  
After the slide, both use the same footage.

Maybe two lists will make it clearer.  Or not.  This encapsulates every-
thing, not just the ending.

WGFA Actual Film Version:

1. Take One (beginning up until lasers)
2. Re-Shot Laser Segment
3. Re-Shot Moon solo 
4. Re-Shot Slow-Mo Slide
5. Take Two Ending

WGFA DVD Multi-Angle Version

1. Take One (beginning up until *after slide*)
2. Take Two Ending

I think that's right.  Corrections welcomed.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism