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RE: 1989 tommy video

I saw therm first night in Vancouver - Pete had already done his hand job (:)) by then.

I thought it had happened in Seattle or Portland...

At 07:26 PM 3/7/04 -0500, you wrote:
Am I correct about the following?  The injury he had in that LA video was
from a few nights earlier when in Vancouver he put the whammy (spelling?)
bar through his hand.  Thankfully for the band and for Pete, the injury,
while bloody was not as serious as it could have been?  He then broke his
hand in a biking accident in England in 1990 or 1991.  He said in an
interview (with Philadelphia's John DeBella, at the time a DJ with WMMR)
that the one good thing about the hand injury was that it could become the
excuse he needed to never play guitar again.

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My impression of it was that Pete didn't really want to be in The Who or
with The Who, so as a compromise he agreed to be part of a larger concept
than a rock band, with the singers and horns and extra percussionist and him
rhythm guitar and someone else on lead (though seemed to be because of
hand injury).