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Re: 1989 tommy video

Mc wrote:

>My impression of it was that Pete didn't really want to be in The Who or play
with The Who, so as a compromise he agreed to be part of a larger concept
than a rock band, with the singers and horns and extra percussionist and him on
rhythm guitar and someone else on lead (though seemed to be because of Pete's
hand injury). It seemed like he didn't want to re-group with Roger and John
without the buffer of the huge extra apparatus of the backing band. I gotta
believe Rog and John weren't too keen on it.


> I enjoyed the guests, as well.  Phil Collins was a trip as
Uncle Ernie

I liked the way Phil did that too.

> and Patti Labelle lit a fire under the audience with the Acid
Queen- even though she botched the lyrics.

Patti did a nice job too.

> Billy Idol is an asshole, but everyone knows that.

Why would you say that?

> His antics reminded me why I always hated his guts.

And that too?

> Roger should have punched him.

Why?  Am I missing something?  He was playing "Cousin Kevin"
after all.    He was invited back on the 96 Quad tour, so he
must be liked for his performances, star power, or both.

I think his performances on both Tommy and Quad where well
done (and rare ;-).

I love the See Me Feel Me finale where Pete and Billy are sharing
the same mic, and Billy is doing his snearing whole act, and
Pete shouts at the camera "Buy his record!"   That's choice
Pete humor.

> Simon Phillips was incredible. Loved his style and energetic behavior behind the kit.

I liked Simon's performance as well.  He can drum for my band
anytime (and I don't even have a band).

> Why didn't they stay with him through today?

I remember someone who knows more about this topic than I do
saying that Simon was not available for the Quad tour, Zak
drummed for Roger on the 94 DST tour, and the rest is history.

Joe in Philly