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Re: 1989 tommy video

> Am I correct about the following?  The injury he had in that LA video was
> from a few nights earlier when in Vancouver he put the whammy (spelling?)
> bar through his hand.  Thankfully for the band and for Pete, the injury,
> while bloody was not as serious as it could have been?

That's pretty much it.  He didn't miss a show, just the encore that night
(it was Tacoma).  This also led to Pete returning the favor in London when
Roger stormed off stage.

He then broke his
> hand in a biking accident in England in 1990 or 1991.  He said in an
> interview (with Philadelphia's John DeBella, at the time a DJ with WMMR)
> that the one good thing about the hand injury was that it could become the
> excuse he needed to never play guitar again.

It was the reason PsychoD wasn't released until 1993.
I know in one interview he said he couldn't do the "acoustical flourishes"
he was known for anymore because of the bike incident.  You'd have a hard
time convincing me after watching him play Drowned on the Quad tours.