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1989 tommy video

Well, I got the now infamous 89' video.  I know that tour has been criticized 
widely here, so I was looking forward to finally seeing it.  Well, I must 
agree with most of the criticism.  

My impression of it was that Pete didn't really want to be in The Who or play 
with The Who, so as a compromise he agreed to be part of a larger concept 
than a rock band, with the singers and horns and extra percussionist and him on 
rhythm guitar and someone else on lead (though seemed to be because of Pete's 
hand injury).  It seemed like he didn't want to re-group with Roger and John 
without the buffer of the huge extra apparatus of the backing band.  I gotta 
believe Rog and John weren't too keen on it.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the video.  After all, Pete, John, and Roger 
were there, and Pete is amazing on rhythm acoustic.  However, as we all know 
that's not the Who.  I enjoyed the guests, as well.  Phil Collins was a trip as 
Uncle Ernie, and Patti Labelle lit a fire under the audience with the Acid 
Queen- even though she botched the lyrics.  Billy Idol is an asshole, but everyone 
knows that.  His antics reminded me why I always hated his guts.  Roger 
should have punched him.

Roger's voice sounded great in spots, and sick in spots.  Some places he 
sounded like the 30's roger, others he sounded worse than he does now.  It was 
weird because he so many opportunities to rest his voice.  His hair was a 
frightening mullet, but that was the decade of that haircut.  Pete's 
combover/ponytail was awful, but he's PT so who cares.  It was also weird to hear Pete solo 
stuff at a Who show, but I guess that was another concession John and Rog made.

Simon Phillips was incredible.  Loved his style and energetic behavior behind 
the kit.  Why didn't they stay with him through today?  I love Zak, but 
Simon's also great.  Just wondering what the story is there.