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Re: Summer Tour

Steve here in snowy Western (Rockies) Canada, and being pessimistic about the whole thing.

1) Album - rumours, just rumours. This two new songs out on a re-released collection of songs re-released (too?) many times in various and sundry versions to capture the heart and pocketbooks of fans - old and new(?) alike over the years. I'll believe it when I see it - and I bet we won't see it - at least in a traditional form; maybe through an Internet site like the live albums from 2002. Maybe as MP3 downloads....maybe only in our minds. Too much rumour, no real meat.

2) Tour - no 2004 summer. No 2005. Why? 1) possibility of boredom setting in with the same old set list (generalities here) (flog the dog one more time?) 2) Where is the up side to the same old set list, tour, old guys with dead band mates trying to re-create.....3) age/health possibilities 4) What will the response be to Tommy this Spring? What was the response to Tommy off Broadway (which I loved). They did cut out a lot of Tommy in 1989 (I know, orchestral verses loud core sounding rock) due to various reasons (including press and audience response).

What do I think is interesting? A Who2 concept. If it is new, if it is driving rock, not soft, life in reflection (a la the 'new' Kids Are Alright verses about my kids and your kids...) Geezers looking back on their lives/mistakes/good bad/learn from me....

My opinions, spontaneous words, don't kill me.

A melting of PT solo with quality Who drive? but then again, what drive is there left (ok, Zak drives 'em hard) beside PT guitar, and words,, with RD's voice as expression....and Zak...and a bassist, and of course Rabbit.

Could it be like PsycoD?

Steve, alone in the wildreness.

At 07:28 PM 3/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
> But, I'm becoming increasingly pessimistic about this Summer.

So, you subscribe to my Spring/Summer 2005 tour theory then? I think we have to ask ourselves: If they're gonna release a new CD in 2005, then when are they gonna sit down & record the thing?

I figure recording the CD will take a few months worth of studio
time.  Right?  Could they work that in during a Summer 2004 tour?

Or would they have time *after* a Summer 2004 tour to record
the new CD?  Record the CD during Autumn & Winter?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism