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Re: 1989 tommy video

What an informative & well-written post, Mc.  Who helped you with it?
Ha!  Just a joke.

> My impression of it was that Pete didn't really want to be in The Who 
> or play with The Who, 

However, he *did* want to make buttloads of money & promote his then new
solo album, IRON MAN.

> It seemed like he didn't want to re-group with Roger and John without 
> the buffer of the huge extra apparatus of the backing band.  

I think it was several things.  Pete wanted to take some of the spotlight
off of himself.  And also, even though they were touring, I think Pete
was still in one of his anti-Who moods.  Like he wanted to completely
screw with the dynamics of the band as a sort of "Fuck you!" to Roger,
to the critics, to the fans, etc. "Wanna see The Who?  Here, see this!" 

> I gotta believe Rog and John weren't too keen on it.

Well, we know OX wasn't happy with it.  Like he said, it's hard to im-
provise & keep things fresh with 18 people on stage.  Roger tried to 
put on a brave face.  I imagine that was the price he had to pay in
order to get Pete to actually do it. "Eighteen musicians or else I won't
do it, Roger."  What could Roger say?  

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism