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Re: Entwistle tracks on new Who album

> "You get an instinct for what their input would have been and I 
> think Pete's musical ability will write a bass part that would be 
> John's bass," Daltrey, 60, told Virgin Radio....

Hmmmm....this sounds as if Pete is writing the bass lines for the new 
songs himself (via his demos, I suppose) rather than just letting 
someone (Pino, Greg Lake) hash it out in the studio.

"So what, Schrade."

So what?  That means that these new songs will have more Pete in them,
as opposed to songs in which Pete just lets the studio bass player
come up with his or her (!) own bass lines.

This way, Pino or Greg or who-the-fuck-ever will be interpreting *Pete's*
bass lines, no doubt scared as to not stray too far from what the genius
Mr. Townshend has come up with.


- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism