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Hooligan boots and new songs too

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Hooligan boots and new songs too 
>> I also took a very early Burton Snowboard Video and added my own 
>> sound track.
>Yeah, you might wanna seek help.  ;-o  

Awe, it's fun!  It's how my company "Good Form Video" was launched (logo of a dog in mid poop, showing....good form).
I've now gone digital, and do snowboard vids. of my friends and I.

>My friends & I used
>to make our own naughty dialogue to Bruce Lee movies.

Get out!  Like an early Sci Fi theatre? (what's the right name??)

>(Maybe *I* should
>seek help!)

No, you should have gotten a patent and then broadcast them for $$ !

>> Interestingly enough, not a Who song to be found.  Hmmmmm?
>All Cake?  ;-/

Actually, no.  Not a Cake song to be found either.
This was again in and around '91 (had a bunch of time then, I guess).  Had Beatles, Rush, Hendrix, Alice n Chains, etc.
This one scene of a kid snowboarder getting turned away at the gate of a resort (back in the dark ages) getting pissed, and kicking the ticket booth, synchs up perfectly with the lyrics from that Beatles song ("getting better all the time") "I used to be an angry young man...."
My friends all get a kick out of that.
>1. Fillmore East '68 (best CD version entitled SHAKIN' ALL OVER).
>2. Amsterdam '69 (best CD version entitled AMAZING JOURNEY).
>3. Woodstock '69
>4. Philadelphia '73 (the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio broadcast).
>5. Swansea '76 
>the ones I listed above are sort of like the "core" live Who
>boots one should own, IMO. 

Now, how 'bout the next 5?
I'm all ears.

Kevin (who plans to help legalize Medical Marijuana tonight) in VT

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