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Entwistle tracks on new Who album

Told ya!  :-)

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>From: "Sara Martinelli" <saralynn155@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: John on new Who album
>Tracks by Late Who Member May Be on Album
>Mon Mar 1, 2:23 PM ET
>LONDON - The late John Entwistle (news) may be heard on The Who's next 
>album, the band's first in 21 years, a band member said Monday.
>AP Photo
>The band wants to use a bass line Entwistle recorded during rehearsals 
>shortly before the 57-year-old bass player was found dead in his Las Vegas 
>hotel room on June 27, 2002. Coroners determined that he died of a 
>combination of cocaine use and heart disease.
>The two surviving band members, singer Roger Daltrey (news) and guitarist 
>Pete Townshend (news), have hired musicians to fill in for Entwistle and 
>drummer Keith Moon (news), who died from an accidental overdose in 1978.
>"You get an instinct for what their input would have been and I think Pete's 
>musical ability will write a bass part that would be John's bass," Daltrey 
>said Monday in an interview with Virgin Radio.
>"We've got a rehearsal tape of John playing one of the songs. We are 
>thinking about using it on the album."
>Daltrey, 60, recalled that Entwistle had been in the band for 38 years.
>"How can we carry on without John? What is extraordinary is when you get up 
>there and there's two of us and there's Pino Palladino on bass, you can 
>still hear John playing because the music is so structured."


>From: "Ian Stanley" <istanley@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>From www.muchmoremusic.com...
>The late John Entwistle may make an appearance on The Who's upcoming album.
>Apparently the remaining band members want to resurrect a bassline that
>Entwistle recorded during rehearsals shortly before his death in a Las Vegas
>hotel room in June 2002. The new Who album will be the first in 21 years and
>it will be followed by a world tour. Hired musicians will be filling in for
>Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon.


>From: "Jon" <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Entwistle Resurrected for New Who
>Entwistle Resurrected for New Who
>(E! Online, 03/01/2004 5:15 PM)
>By Josh Grossberg
>John Entwistle may be gone, but his playing will live on.
>A bass line the late Who rocker recorded shortly before his death may be
>featured on the legendary British rockers' upcoming album.
>Surviving members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, who elected to keep the
>Who going after the 57-year-old Entwistle died of a cocaine-fueled heart
>stoppage in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2002, are considering whether to use a
>rehearsal recording featuring one of Entwistle's famous bottom lines.
>"You get an instinct for what their input would have been and I think Pete's
>musical ability will write a bass part that would be John's bass," Daltrey,
>60, told Virgin Radio in an interview on Monday. "We've got a rehearsal tape
>of John playing one of the songs. We are thinking about using it on the
>The long-anticipated studio album, the Who's first collection of new
>material in 22 years, is expected to hit stores later this year. After
>which, the newly retooled band will launch a world tour to support both the
>new album and the April 27 release of a 40th anniversary greatest hits
>compilation Then and Now: 1964-2004. That disc will also feature two new
>cuts, "Real Good Looking Boy" and "Old Red Wine."
>Those latter tracks will feature veteran session musicians backing Daltrey
>and Townshend, including Townshend's longtime bassist, Pino Palladino,
>filling in for Entwistle.
>"How can we carry on without John?" posited Daltrey. "What is extraordinary
>is when you get up there and there's two of us and there's Pino Palladino on
>bass, you can still hear John playing because the music is so structured."
>The frontman says the sudden loss of "The Ox"--as Entwistle was known--just
>days before the band was to embark on a North American tour still is
>difficult for his Who mates to grasp.
>"He will be missed," said the vocalist. "We were with John for 38 years and
>when you've been with someone that long it is an incredible connection."
>But, just as they did when drummer Keith Moon died of an accidental overdose
>in 1978, the Who will soldier on. Aside from the forthcoming releases, the
>band is scheduled to play concerts in London's Forum on March 22, 24 and 25,
>and perform a live version of the seminal rock opera Tommy March 29 at
>London's Royal Albert Hall as part of a series of benefit concerts for
>Britain's Teenage Cancer Trust.
>The band will follow up with a headlining slot at Britain's Isle of Wight
>Festival on June 12.

Thanks to O&S'ers listed here...

Kevin in VT

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