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Re: Hooligan boots and new songs too

> I know your kind!
> Noodling for hours with your tape machine.  Dim lit room.  Smoke 
> circling the small desk lamp.  ;-)

Yeah, well, something like that.  ;-)

> I made my first venture into developing a mix tape back in 1991 during 
> the whole Grunge thang.

Some of mine date back to around '81-'82.  And they still play fine!
(Probably because of the minimal use they now receive.)

> I also took a very early Burton Snowboard Video and added my own 
> sound track.

Yeah, you might wanna seek help.  ;-o  I remember having an old VCR in
which you could overdub new sound onto video tapes.  My friends & I used
to make our own naughty dialogue to Bruce Lee movies.  (Maybe *I* should
seek help!)

> Interestingly enough, not a Who song to be found.  Hmmmmm?

All Cake?  ;-/

> I'm sure there are many, including me, who would benefit from a short 
> (or not so short) list of boots that ya just got to get.

My Top Five choices:

1. Fillmore East '68 (best CD version entitled SHAKIN' ALL OVER).
2. Amsterdam '69 (best CD version entitled AMAZING JOURNEY).
3. Woodstock '69
4. Philadelphia '73 (the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio broadcast).
5. Swansea '76 

Those five are all excellent-sounding boots (different pressings will vary).
There are a host of boots containing good-sounding material from the '69-
'70 tour, but the ones I listed above are sort of like the "core" live Who
boots one should own, IMO. 

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism