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Radio Play?

>From: Nelson9792@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Radio Play?
>Not to be a downer,

Oh, but go ahead anyway!  ;-)

>but I can't shake the notion that the new Who songs will
>be ignored by everyone but us....

I don't believe that.

>It seems that radio stations leaning towards "Classic Rock" don't play much
>NEW material by old bands

Our local Classic Rock stations play new songs from Fleetwood Mac, Stones,
Harrison (that's an awesome one), etc.
The Who will get play.

>and stations that play new music also don't play new
>music from OLD bands.  (In the US, anyway...)

Well, there you're right.
Is it me, or do the one time termed "alternative" stations seem to be
grasping for a direction?
Or, is that just the entire music industry?

>From: JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: Radio Play?
>not true in new york where I am. they've played new music by george
>warren zevon, skynryd, REM,

Can't say I've heard the new REM.

Kevin (writing a mere steps away from the bathroom, as this is the farthest
I dare venture from my throne.  Stomach flu is a gas.) in VT