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Hooligan boots and new songs too

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Hooligans vs. Ultimate Collection
>> I'm torn.  I'm very partial to Hooligans,....
>I think it's funny that some of you have a special affinity towards
>certain greatest hits packages.  I never developed an affinity to-
>wards a greatest hits album.
>I guess that's because I mainly made my own mix tapes from
>blank cassettes.  And I still have all those.

I know your kind!
Noodling for hours with your tape machine.  Dim lit room.  Smoke circling
the small desk lamp.  ;-)

Actually, I'd have done the same thing if I had any stereo equipment to
speak of.
Parents weren't too keen on buying that sort of stuff.
I made my first venture into developing a mix tape back in 1991 during the
whole Grunge thang.
I also took a very early Burton Snowboard Video and added my own sound
Interestingly enough, not a Who song to be found.

>You'd have a tape with a few Cars songs

Ha!  My first concert experience.

>So what I ended up with is this kind of musical, personal diary
>from those years of my life.

That's awesome.

>We're in the digital age now.  No
>need nowadays for my old memory-laden mix tapes.  No reason
>for Kevin's old cassette copy of HOOLIGANS.  Just memories.

I've still got my cassette copy of HOOLIGANS.  It's all stretched from over
Shure was psyched to find a now out of print CD version in my local used CD
shop a couple years ago.
I even found one for Stu in MD.

>Boots?  Repetitive?  Sure.  I have version after version of those songs.
>But sometimes you strike gold.  You encounter a Who performance
>that you take to your friends saying, "Man, you gotta fuckin' hear this."

Yeah, I know what you mean.
Just get tired of the same old collection of Tommy songs with a smattering
of ICE and Substitute in there.
The last time I got that "Man, you gotta fuckin' hear this" feeling was upon
stumbling accross Amsterdam Journey.
Holy earth shaking performances, Bat Man!

That leads me to a thought about boots.......
When I was first starting out, I had no clue what boots were good....must
have's...and which one's weren't.
I'm sure there are many, including me, who would benefit from a short (or
not so short) list of boots that ya just got to get.
What Akronite do we know that would be qualified to contribute to that??

>> I just got a flash of adrenaline from uncontrolled excitement.
>Nice feelings, huh?

Bitter sweet.

>Things seem to be moving quickly in the Who world.
>Just think, in a month we'll be critiquing two new studio Who songs.

Strange days indeed.  Most peculiar, mamma. (John Lennon)

>Here's hoping the new songs (!) have LOUD guitar!
>Disclaimer:  Who fans shouldn't wish.  It's selfish & it's rude.
>Who are we to question Pete's genius?  Let's just..........join
>together with the band.

Ok, who stole Scott's address and is posing??

Kevin in VT