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New Message From Pete

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: New Message From Pete
>In New York City for the first time since the last Who shows in the USA
>in the Fall of 2002.

Welcome back to the good 'ol US of A, Pete!
I wonder if Pete was finger printed and had his photo taken??

>These new tracks strongly feature 'Who2', the wonderful band that
>supported Roger and me after John Entwistle's sudden death in 2002.
>They are Zak Starkey on drums, Rabbit Bundrick on keyboards, Pino
>Palladino on bass, Simon Townshend on additional guitar and vocals.

First thought:  Ahhhh HA!  Pete's flying the thought of changing the name to
Who2!  Could it be??

Second thought:  Who2 doesn't fly.  Too close to U2.

Third thought:  They re-recorded REAL GOOD LOOKING BOY with Pino.  Goodbye
Greg Lake?

Fourth thought:  Pino is in, and to stay.

>REAL GOOD LOOKING BOY is a song I wrote quite a few years ago
>about two young men who worry about their looks.

And now, the rest of the story....

>One of them, based
>on me - hopes and believes he might look like his best friend who is a
>conventionally handsome fellow. (He is disavowed of this notion by his
>mother). The second, based on Roger - hopes and believes he will one
>day turn out to be like the young Elvis. (He, more happily, sees part of
>dream come true). They both find love in later life.

Wow, this does sound quite autobiographical.

>And while I'm here I'll try to buy Roger
>something great but not very useful for his 60th birthday on Monday.

Happy Birthday, Roger!

Kevin (in need of some medical marijuana.) in VT