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James Brown in Jail again

MIAMI (Jan. 28) - The ''Godfather of Soul,'' James Brown, was arrested
Wednesday on suspicion of committing domestic violence, South Carolina law
enforcement officials said.
Brown, 70, who has had several run-ins with the law and spent time in prison,
was due to appear at a bond hearing Thursday, a spokesman for the Aiken
County detention center said.
Neither the Aiken County Sheriff's office nor the detention center would
comment further.
The soul singer, famous for hits including ''I Feel Good,'' was previously
accused of beating his wife, Adrienne, in 1995.
Brown served nearly three years in prison after he was arrested in 1988 for
leading police on a car chase between South Carolina and Georgia.

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He also received a two-year suspended sentence in 1998 and entered a drug
treatment program after pleading no contest to firearms charges.
Despite his turbulent past, last month he was among five stars feted in
Washington for his contributions to American culture.
Brown appeared at a White House reception before taking part in a gala
performance attended by President Bush at the Kennedy Center for Performing
The honor prompted Secretary of State Colin Powell to dub Brown the
''Secretary of Soul and the Foreign Minister of Funk.''

Jon in Mi.