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Re: Fiddle about

> > It's "Fiddle About," dammit!  The song's called "Fiddle About!"
> Yeah, my bad.  Brain cramp.  

I'm just f-ing with ya'.  We all have those.  You pointed out six from me
in that TOMMY movie post of mine.  Remember?  (Heh.  Uncle Bernie.)

> It still begs the question- Who will sing Fiddle About?  A guest, perhaps?

That's what I'm thinking:  a guest.  And I'm also thinking that a good helping
of decent musical guests *would* show some much-needed support for
Pete, no matter my earlier comments about Roger not wanting the event to
turn into a "Show Your Support For Pete" gig.

But hey, let's be honest.  These "guests," just by getting up on stage with
Pete, *will* be helping his personal cause - even if not one of them says
a single word about it.

Hopefully this will help to further repair some of the lingering damage to his 

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism