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Re: Ben Dover!

> But, again, given that the "who" have taken non Who songs out of albums
> (Spoonful from BBC and L@L) it would not surprise me if these songs were
> taken out. It might damage the artistic feel of the whole piece, but doing
> so would kill 2 birds with one stone - save money and prevent any
> uncomfortable feelings over the subject matter.

I think more "uncomfortable feelings" would be produced if they *did* delete
John's songs from the performance.  This RAH gig could get some press as -
"Pete Townshend's Return to the Stage After Porn Ordeal."  You know what
I mean?

And I think the press might pick up on the fact that John's songs were ex-
cluded from the performance - either because of reasons relating to John's
death, or reasons relating to Pete's recent "troubles."  And then the press
would very likely flip on the 'Rumour Mill' switch & dole out some snickering
& some speculating.

Personally, I think John's songs will be sung by "special guests," anyway,
which will take the focus off of Pete.  But it's just hard to fathom that the band
would somehow be blocked, legally, from performing John's songs.

Oh well, our questions will be answered eventually, I guess.

> Call me cynic if you like.

No way, it's a trap!

> However, my fervent personal hope is that the songs are included for reasons
> to do with both John and to hell with those who cry foul at Pete.

I agree.  I'm more concerned with the "special guests," & how they'll affect the
show.  My next highest concern (puzzlement, really) is whether or not Pete will
say something on stage about his pedo mess.  

John's death wasn't taboo enough in 2002 to keep Pete from mentioning it at
nearly every show, & sometimes even being critical of John for not keeping
in better health.

So, my guess is his recent pedo problem isn't taboo enough either to nix a snide
comment or two from the stage.

And my third highest concern (!) is the "Will they or won't they?" question as
to whether they'll play John's songs.  Right from when the TOMMY announce-
ment was made about the RAH gig, I just figured they would.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism