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Re: WHO To Play TOMMY at RAH - Plus "Guests"

> I feel like betting somebody a buck that they'll keep them in.  It 
> would be too grotesque to leave out either Fiddle About or Cousin 
> Kevin. The artistic integrity of the story itself would suffer. I'd be 
> ashamed of them if they cut the songs out due to the child-abuse 
> political angle, and I can't believe they'd be so petty as to cut out 
> John songs just because he's dead.

I'll up the ante.  *Two* bucks - one from me, one from Alan - if
they leave out FA or CK.  Anyone want a piece of this action?  ;-)

How does leaving out John's songs *from TOMMY* honor Roger's
statement that John's "spirit" lives through the music when it's played
on stage?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism