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Pete On SACDs & 5.1

Repost from alt.music.who:

There's a 2-page interview with Pete on the Tommy SACD in the Feb 2004
issue of Home Theater magazine.  There isn't any reference to it on
the website yet, though. www.hometheatermag.com

Here's a brief bit I transcribed on the question of how much more of
the catalog he wants to do in 5.1

"I'll do the entire catalog. SACD truly revitalizes old analog re-
leases, and 5.1 is terrific for more-complex 16-track and 24-track
works, as well as the older sessions.  I've rebuilt my old studio to
undertake this work.  Next up is Who's Next, Quadrophenia, Rough Mix,
Empty Glass, and Live at Leeds.  I hope to do them all.  Elliot Mazer,
Bobby Pridden and Jon Astley are all pitching to help out, but I'm
greedy!  I'm loving this work so much....  I've waited a long time to 
hear CDs improved....today we have SACD, and it sounds as good as the 
old tapes I can pull out of the Who archive."


- SCHRADE in Akron

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