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Re: Pete makes Guitar World "Metal" list

> nah, I think randy rhoads should've been no. 1.   who hasn't heard that riff 
> from ozzy's "crazy train" and not think it was one of helluva riff ay?! 

Makes sense to me that Iommi is No. 1.  Randy Rhoads's riff in "Crazy Train"
is one riff in one song.  Iommi had loads of 'em.  

Let's face it, Black Sabbath were the ones that truly invented Metal.  Led Zep-
pelin is still "classic rock," & The Who?  Pah!  They barely scraped the (met-
allic?) surface of Metal.

Iommi's a great choice for No. 1.  An old-school originator.  And the most
metal-influential on the list.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism