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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V11 #22

Alan, re

> > Considering they didn't even play a John Entwistle song just once, by
> > way of a tribute to John on the 2002 tour, I won't be surprised if they
> > Tommy by these songs, though to be fair it would emasculate the set if
> > they didn't play Cousin Kevin.
>    I feel like betting somebody a buck that they'll keep them in.  It
>    would be too grotesque to leave out either Fiddle About or Cousin
>    Kevin. The artistic integrity of the story itself would suffer.

I agree and hope so too.

> > I can't believe they'd be so petty as to cut out
> > John songs just because he's dead.

See my original point - if they couldn't play one, just once, on the 2002
tour, what was that about?

If it was too emotional to play one - why not say so?

I frankly couldn't believe that no one commented on any list I was on that
there wasn't a single John song being played.