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Re: Ben Dover!

lela, re

> > Here's an idea:  I they continue as The Who Group, they may have to
> > contribute half the income from any new work to Keith and John's

Keith's estate has been receiving royalties on all Who material he was
entitled to receive royalties on since 1978.

John's will have since June 2002.

> > The Who Group was fine to handle the royalties from old music, but if
> > they're going to issue a new album, they need to consider the legal

Why? John and Keith's estate are, IMO, unlikely to have any legal claim on
any money connected with any performance since their deaths.

> > If this does turn out to be the reason for calling The Who quits, then I
> > could forsee some problems in a situation like the Quad tour.  They
> > out as Townshend and Daltrey and when sales are weaker, promoters start
> > attaching The Who name.  Then the estates sue for part of the revenue,

Frankly I think you're way off beam here.