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Re: Hooligans vs. Ultimate Collection

> I'm torn.  I'm very partial to Hooligans,....

I think it's funny that some of you have a special affinity towards
certain greatest hits packages.  I never developed an affinity to-
wards a greatest hits album.  

I guess that's because I mainly made my own mix tapes from 
blank cassettes.  And I still have all those.  I definitely have an
affinity towards those approximately three dozen tapes.  They
included all sorts of bands, not just Who.

My old mix tapes are weird.  I rarely taped entire albums.  I'd
usually put a handful of favorite songs from the albums I was 
gobbling up at that time (early to late '80s).

You'd have a tape with a few Cars songs, some live Who, a
tune stolen from my older brother's collection (like Zep's "Black 
Dog!"), KISS, Hendrix, etc.

So what I ended up with is this kind of musical, personal diary 
from those years of my life.  I numbered all the tapes & they were 
made in a chronological manner so, to me, they "read" like a diary.
(Boy, I sound like Anna Mormack, don't I?!  Just kidding, Anna.)

Certain tapes remind me of certain ex-girlfriends.  Certain tapes
remind me of the season they were recorded in.  Certain tapes
remind me of adventures I went on in my youth.   

I hardly play them anymore.  We're in the digital age now.  No
need nowadays for my old memory-laden mix tapes.  No reason
for Kevin's old cassette copy of HOOLIGANS.  Just memories.

Gosh, how depressing.  Guess I'll throw on WHO BY NUMBERS.
On CD, of course.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism