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Re: NOW AND THEN passing through Rabbits.

> The boots can get more than a bit repetitive.

Yes & no.  I just picked up a nice boot:  LIVE AT LEEDS REJECTS.
It consists mainly of '69-'70 era live stuff, much of which I didn't have.

Blistering, kick-ass, stereo, great-sounding versions of "Young Man 
Blues," "Heaven & Hell," & others.  Plus, an incendiary version of
"Shakin' All Over," played as a set-closer, which surprisingly includes 
a bit of instrumental "TOMMY-jam" usually featured in the "My Gen-
eration" jam.  Piss your pants live Who.

Boots?  Repetitive?  Sure.  I have version after version of those songs.
But sometimes you strike gold.  You encounter a Who performance
that you take to your friends saying, "Man, you gotta fuckin' hear this."

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism