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Hooligans vs. Ultimate Collection

>From: Nelson9792@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Greatest Greatest Hits?
>Sooooo...... What is the best Hits package?  I still think it's Hooligans.

I'm torn.
I'm very partial to Hooligans, as this was first "mobile" Who album.  I got it on cassette from someone (more than likely, Stu in MD) very early in my Who-fandom, and it allowed me to take it in my car, walkman, etc.
So, many many nights of cruising around in my bad-ass 1967 Chevy Nova in High School (graduated 1983) jamming to Hooligans.  One of the funniest things a friend of mine did...we're all in his car this night (for some reason), and I had my Hooligans tape with me.  He pops it in (Who newbe) and really digs the lines from SlipKid "Keep away old man, you fool me.  You and your history won't rule me" (absolutely fucking classic Pete lyric)!  He spots this old gent walking down the sidewalk for a nice peaceful late-evening stroll.  My bud. does a quick and violent U-turn, rolls down all the windows, and then drives up to this man from behind very quietly....and then....let's his mega-powerfull stereo absolutely blast that very verse from Slipkid.
Soldiers at ....umm....17?
Ahhhh, the bliss of high school weekend romping.

WBWB just doesn't do the band justice.

But, I have to say that Ultimate Collection is a very strong greatest hits collection.
I almost prefer it.
I don't know!
I can't choose.
I won't!

Kevin in VT

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