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Re: NOW AND THEN passing through Rabbits.

	>From: Alan McKendree 
	>Subject: Re: NOW AND THEN passing through Rabbits. 
>Boy, is the subject of this thread a double-take. Eeww.

Yeah, I'm not sure what I meant by that.  Just trying to add a bit from each persons subject line.  Remember those rectangular pizza's they served in school?  Didn't the sausage pizza look like a rabbit got loose in the kitchen?
I digress...

>I think Bruce K had the best summary of Now & Then:

Ahhhh HA!  Got cha!
It's Then & Now.  The name was changed to fuck with the innocent.  :-)

> "I own more greatest hits collections than they have greatest hits."

the actual quote is:  "I already have more Hits packages than they had hits."
Come on, Alan!  Keep your head in the game!

Kevin in VT 

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