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Re: NOW AND THEN passing through Rabbits.

> I know.  That used to puzzle me when I was first getting into The Who.
> I was getting into The Doors at the same time & I used to think, "Damn.
> The Doors put out six studio albums from 1967 - 1971." (!)

CCR put out 6 albums from June 1968 to Dec 1970!
Is it any wonder why they self destructed?  In the 32 years since CCR broke
up John Fogerty has put out 5 studio albums.  Can you say burnout?

> Yeah, & The Who were dripping out an album every year or two.  And if
> I'm not mistaken, I think in one one-year stretch the Doors released
> *three* studio albums.  Alan, check me on that, would ya'?  ;-)

CCR also put 3 albums in 11 months.