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Re: Rolling Stone On New Who Tunes

----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"

> From www.rollingstone.com
> ==========
> According to a source in Townshend's camp, the guitarist has finished
> five backing tracks and will soon hook up with Daltrey to lay down some
> vocals.

Interesting there's no talk of a bassist, other than the Greg Lake session.
I wonder if Pete is playing the bass part on some of the tracks?  Was Old
Red Wine the second track recorded with Lake or was that Roger's Certified
Rose?  Or has that one not even been recorded yet?  Wow, this is
frustrating.  I think I'd rather be oblivious to the whole process and just
be told when it will be in the stores.

By the way, would anyone like to bet that one of the songs from Then And
Now, probably ORW, will *not* be on the new album?  When was the last time
Pete put something out that didn't have at least *one* track that you
couldn't get anywhere else in that particular form?

Jim M