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Rabbit Speaks, Begs For Money

A new message on Rabbit's website:


Hi folks, news of this Then and Now cd has spread so fast, even I didn't 
know about it until a few days ago when I was called to go to London to 
put some Hammond organ and Piano on one of the 2 tracks.
I must say it was a fabulous day for me. I took my grandson, Joey, with 
me to the studio and we both just had a great day........He was scoping 
out all of Pete's guitars, while I was beavering away at the fantastic 
Boesendorfer Grand Piano laying down a piano part to 'Old Red Wind'(sic), 
and then slid over to my very own Hammond organ that Pete gave me as a 
gift, and I pushed the volume pedal down to 11, and just let rip......... 

Dong!......what a monstrous sound my Hammond organ makes........yee
haw!!!!!!.....ha......ha Playing the Hammond to me is a bit like being a
Cowboy riding on a Bull. I sit on that big old wooden bench, grab hold of 
the sides of the Hammond's chunky ends, and get ready for a 'Wild Ride' 
up and down those organ keys......It really is 'that much fun' to play 
the organ........A real blast!......... 

I also noticed as I was recording my keys how fantastic Roger's vocal 
was. I could not believe my ears. Don't know what he's been doing, but 
he is singing his ass off right now....... 

It looks like that if we keep carrying on as we have been, there's gonna 
be some really nice new stuff for you guys to hear eventually...... 
I'm excited by it too. Pete's songs are tremendous as usual...... 

Oh yeah, so many of you made a hit on my 'Roger Roger' diary, just think 
if each one of you that hit that diary would buy just even 1 of 'my' cd's,
then I would get rich. Can't 1100 of you people out there afford $20 
for 1 Rabbit cd?......ha......ha 

I need some more printer ink, and blank cd's, so come on guys, cough up 
some $20 notes and help me out......ha.......ha......ha 

see ya'll later..... 
John Rabbit Bundrick

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism