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The Who at The Forum Poster

Scott posted this link:


I saved the gif, pasted it in Word, and put it on some nice Avery labels. Two of
them are now on my son's guitar case.

I take him to his guitar lesson on Friday night, and his instructor goes right to the
stickers (he lets me sit in on the lessons so I can follow up with at home practice).
They're the only stickers he has on his case so far - got to set the bar at the proper level!

He says, "that must be a new picture because I don't see John's name". My son
says, "Yeah, it's for a concert they're playing in England as a warm up. Pino is
playing bass now cause John died." <sigh>

Thanks for finding and posting it Scott. It's so cool I want to wear it on my forehead!

Joe in Philly