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Re: THEN AND NOW Release Details

> I'm not so sure.
> Our local classic rock station has been mentioning the prospect of new
Who-tunes for a while now.  I think I've heard 3-4 references over the past
year or so.
> The last one was an excited mention of new music and a new album.

They might get a passing comment about their "latest" reunion tour and
Pete's problem last year.  The Who are very easy targets now.  If wasn't
such a big fan I'd be jumping on them like everyone else.

> >I'd say they will have a very hard time getting enough material for a 45m
> >CD.
> Really?
> I think Pete has some 20+ years of material to pick from.

One must remember they have to be up to Who standards, this was the reason
Pete quit in '83.  Whatever they do will be compared to the band's best and
it won't compare very well.

> But look at how huge "Ultimate Collection" was.
> There's still (at least there was at that time) interest in greatest hits

Really, I didn't see it in the Top 200 (let along the top 40).  It's become
a joke.  I mentioned a new album might be in the coming and a friend of mine
said "What another Greatest Hits collection?"  "They have more greatest hits
albums than albums of original material".

> I'm just psyched we haven't heard any snide comments about the title
"Really Good Looking Boy".
> Still holding my breath.......

I still get "Pete Townshend first lady of rock n roll" from his "I know what
it's like to be a woman" comment, from what 10 years ago.