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Re: Rabbit Speaks, Begs for Money

So Rabbit speaks...

Plugging his CDs...

Hinting at need for cash....

Flaunting his organ (hey now)....

It dawned on me that if it is at all possible for Rabbit to
present music for The Who to record.  Could he contribute
to the writing and composition?

Can anyone contribute besides Pete?

If it is true that nobody can write for The Who besides Pete Townshend....


This is the underlying fundamental that weakens the overall
*current* Who line-up for me.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Pete's
writing, and I love his songs, and I love to watch him perform.

Butttttttt.   This kind of conceit or *hogging of the writing credits*,
or whatever you want to call it *attitude* is pretty damn selfish
in my opinion!  especially when people's livelihoods hang in
the balance.     As Yoda would say, "Feel pity for Rabbit I do".
In basketball he would be considered a *ball hog*.   Pete's
the Allen Iverson of The Who (I know, that's not true and
it was out of line).    Well,  maybe some of it is true....

Now I am beginning to imagine what it felt like for John to
have The Who end and be at the mercy of Pete's mood.

Despite %$@!ing Pete, I'm still soooooo drawn in by all of this.
I can't break his gravity.   My orbit is weakening...
I'm spiraling out of control.   HELP!


One note...

Joe in Philly